The One Way Difference – What sets us apart?

One Way develops your content and helps you get it in front of potential clients.

So you have a great marketing video… What do you do with it? Now you have 5,000 flyers in your hand… How do you turn them into potential customers? There are many companies out there that will produce media for your business. There are also many companies that will help you develop your branding and overall marketing strategy. At One Way we do it all, often for less than you would pay for either, elsewhere. For you, this results in a much more cohesive approach which shines through in the end product.

The name One Way Media & Productions is inspired by the words of Christ found in scripture in John 14:6. All glory and honor for what we accomplish belongs to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Welcome To One Way

AJ Flores began his photography career in the newsroom of the Daily Review in Hayward, CA. After some time he began freelancing as a photojournalist for hyper local new outlet, . Here, he began to see how his photography skills were valued. During this time, AJ moonlighted at a local radio station developing his Voice and diving into marketing. He spent many hours editing various types of media and saw how important developing a marketing strategy was for the business owner. AJ soon took another leap into freelance, working with smaller to medium size business guiding them through the path of bringing their vision to fruition. AJ got much joy watching the businesses he was helping grow and expand.

Owners/Directors AJ and Cassandra Flores are both Bay Area natives and have been married since 2005. One Way was launched in 2012. Today One Way’s studio and offices are located in Hayward California.

At the top of AJ and Cassandra’s core values are their faith and providing quality work at a reasonable price. They believe that what they are doing is not only a job, but what they are called to do by God. They know that they achieve nothing apart from the Living God and give him the honor and glory for what he has allowed them to achieve. In addition to their faith, values such as giving client’s great value for their dollar and not stopping at what is required, but going beyond, have been at the core of One Way’s success. They aim to maintain affordable pricing while continuing to provide the quality One Way has become known for.

The real success of One Way has come through developing relationships and great word of mouth. Real customers telling others about One Way and their level of excellence. They stick to their values and this has grown the business and cliental.

AJ and Cassandra have always believed in giving clients more for their dollar. Sticking to this concept has proven to be a winning equation.